There’s a lot going on.

Los Angeles has been somber. The sky is heavy with smoke and loss.

Shootings. Innocent people’s lives taken from them.

Fires. People displaced. Animals frightened. Land scorched.

Its been a week.

Its caused me to look deeper into what is really going on.

If there is so much turmoil outside of and all around us, how can I heal some of the turmoil within?

Is there a deeper meaning to this chaos?

I don’t believe in coincidences, and this is what I’ve found.

It is Fall. According to Chinese Medicine, each season is associated with an organ, and each organ is associated with its own emotion. Fall is of the lungs, which embody the emotion of grief and sadness. Maybe this is all arising to teach us how to emotionally develop our response to grief.

The lungs are all about letting go. Cycles. Each breath that comes in, must then be released. If you are dealing with issues of attachment, an inability to let go, it will manifest into a feeling of alienation, or overwhelming sadness.

The air quality is questionable, but the best way to strengthen the lungs is to take deep breaths. Become aware of how you’re feeling and how its linked to the quality of your own breath. Are your breaths short and shallow? Are you feeling anxious? Overwhelmed?

Can you lengthen out your breaths? Soothe your own nervous system by listening to the sound your breath makes. What are you holding on to? What can you let go of?

We are also in the midst of Scorpio season. Although Scorpios are most commonly associated with the scorpion, the Phoenix is also one of the symbols of this zodiac sign.


Born of the ashes.


Scorpios are considered the darkest of the zodiac. Often linked to death. But not only death, rebirth. Renewal. Cycles. Letting go. Like scorpions in the animal kingdom, that heal wounds by shedding an exoskeleton and growing another, Scorpios are masters of regeneration. They are alchemists who can take the energy of death and ashes and transmute them into something life-giving.

So what are we alchemizing?

There must be a need for this great disaster so that we can be reborn from these ashes that are now falling from the sky.

If astrology doesn’t resonate with you, perhaps you can take a look at yogic philosophy:

Tapas. They are one of Patanjali’s niyamas, or self observances. It is the practice of self-discipline. We all have habits or patterns in our lives that are less than ideal for reaching enlightenment or at least becoming a better version of ourselves. We also can identify with how difficult it can be to change those, sometimes very deeply embedded patterns. We are met with resistance. Usually it is an inner resistance, but I’m sure you’ve felt that manifest physically as well.

Tapas is putting yourself through the fires of transformation in order to create lasting and positive change. It is engaging your will in the face of friction.

But remember, without friction, we would get nowhere. Think about how difficult it is to move forward when you’re standing on ice without any traction.

The first law of thermodynamics, also known as Law of Conservation of Energy, states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; energy can only be transferred or changed from one form to another.

Which is just another confirmation that although this is a time of devastation, of our physical land, and loss of lives, its just an opportunity to transform. To wake up to what is happening.

Just like our bodies are a communication system, through hits of intuition, and even sickness and disease, the Earth is also able to communicate with us. She is telling us, urging us to pay attention to her signs. And right now, they are quite large and rampant.

Let us move from separation and blame and victimizing ourselves, and unite with ourselves and one another. Let us throw our own limitations and negative patterns into this fire and emerge transformed. Alchemized.

What in your life can you let go of?

What can you alchemize?

Who are you becoming?