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Meditation has become the most important part of my every day, and I am so excited to bring you these original recordings to help guide you through your meditation practice. 

These were created in hopes that you would find some ease, excitement and alignment in all areas of your life when listening to these recordings on a regular basis. 

No previous meditation practice or experience is necessary to enjoy the benefits of listening to these videos. They are meant for every person of all ages and all walks of life. 


Guided Morning Visualization Meditation

Start your morning with a guided visualization meditation and watch your day unfold as though by magic. Listen to this meditation consistently, and begin to notice the differences when you are taking time to deliberately create the kind of life you want to live.


Guided evening meditation

My intention for creating this mediation was to put you to sleep in a peaceful state of mind. To give you the opportunity to tune back into your body after a busy day of doing, and allow yourself to let go of everything that did or didn't happen, and to just be.


self love guided meditation

Self love has been one of the hardest and most rewarding journeys I've ever been on. I spent years judging and criticizing myself and seeking love and approval from outside sources, only to realize that the journey of love begins within.

financial abundance guided meditation

I know that many people struggle with their money mindset, their value and self-worth. My hope for creating this meditation is to start to change those outdated beliefs that you can't have as much financial abundance as your heart desires. YOU ARE WORTHY OF SUCCESS.