Mykonos Town

My favorite thing about travel is intentionally getting lost. Walking with no agenda. So present. Taking everything in. The simplest things like doors and street signs become fascinating when they're foreign and new. 

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We walked about 2 miles into town, down a large winding hill, alongside a non-existent sidewalk. The views of the ocean were expansive and the day was warm. Although my shoes (coveted Gucci slides that were once on my vision board and now in my closet) were cute, they are not functional for hours of said getting lost. 

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I remembered this restaurant that we ate at last year, and we went on a meandering mission to find it. This might sound a little kookoo, but I literally asked my intuition to guide me through the maze like streets to find it, and what do you know, it was as cute and delicious as I remembered. 

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After lunch we walked to the water. 

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And then I fell in love with all of the blue and white... 

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Ok, just a few more photos: 

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Love you all!